In a world sometimes tired of contemplating its own treasures, a plethora of discography with immediate and commonplace access can make the release of a new recording dedicated to some of Beethoven’s 32 sonatas surprising. More particularly, the choice made by an artist such as Philippe Entremont, after 70 years of a phenomenal career, to focus on one of the Viennese Master’s most recorded parts, reflects the complexity and intensity governing the relationship between the performer and the work, the relationship between his instrument and the orchestral aspects of the writing. This year, the exceptional artist celebrates two anniversaries. 70 years on the international stage and his 85th birthday.
The few sonatas on this CD, milestones in Beethoven’s oeuvre, are just a short list for the audience. For the very choice of the works testifies to a passionate commitment, a gourmet and jubilant approach to do justice, with style and elegance, to a long journey initiated in 1957, during a recording made at Pathé, nowhere to be found.
Sonata n° 20 Op.49 in G major
Sonata n°14 Op.27 in C sharp minor quasi una fantasia “Moonlight”
Sonata n°30 Op.109 in E major
Sonata n°23 Op. 57 in F minor “Appassionata”

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