Florian Noack, Paris

H__A7A7647-2_2 Florian Noack ©Danilo Floreani

After a « piano-reading » concert on November 22 at La Scala Paris, Florian will perform on the stage of the Salle Gaveau as part of the Festival La Dolce Volta. No great composer has failed to scrutinize the popular roots of his music, the inexhaustible pool of national melodies or dances often offering inspiration to prodigious pieces. Around the Waltzes D.145 with Schubert’s so authentic perfumes, Florian Noack invites us to taste the unique flavor of the most diverse folklores. As a great transcriber, the young Belgian prodigy will also offer us some achievements of his work, inspired by the extent of his stunning virtuosity. » (The Dolce Volta)

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